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Our program / Notre programme

Our Heritage / Notre héritage

Gain an understanding of the practices & traditions of Judaism.

Know the morals, values & ethical behavior mandated by the Torah.


Jewish Holidays / Fêtes juives

Have a hands-on experience & appreciation for all Jewish holidays.


Learn basic prayers so that the students will feel comfortable when attending services.

Hebrew like a Pro / Hébreu comme un Pro

Aleph Champ, modeled after the Karate Martial Arts, breaks up the Hebrew reading process into bite sized motivational levels which makes it more kid friendly and exciting.  


Students start as a white Aleph Champ working their way through the different “belts” until they become a black Aleph Champ with the ability to read fluently from the Siddur (prayerbook). 


Bar/Bat Mitsva

Every girl and boy who celebrates their Bat or Bar Mitzvah will be ready to be a star on the big day.   Children are able to discuss both the meaning and practical aspects of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah and have their questions answered and explored.


Private sessions can be arranged to prepare the boys for their Torah reading, including the Berachot, Maftir, and Haftorah.